The life and History of the Late Lieutenant Colonel James Tod


In the study of history, various tools have their own significance.  It is usually impossible to study history without tools.  Colonel James Tod who, despite being an engineer, was established as the best historian.  He was born on 20 March 1782 in Arlington, London England.  He joined the army as a lieutenant in 1800 at the age of 17.  His administrative field was Rajasthan. He did a self-examination in various native states of Rajasthan. He studied the culture, language, religion etc. of that region. He also studied historical monuments, coins, archives etc. of different places.  The map he made was also of great importance in the spread of British rule in India.  Retired from his job in England in 1832, he presented a book entitled Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan or the Central and Western Rajput States of India. His study is a guide for history students as well as historians.

Dr. Vijaykumar C. Patel

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