History of the Parmar Rajput Dynasty


The Parmar dynasty plays an important and prominent role in the history of India. We find many tikkas and notes about the Parmar dynasty. But if we go for historical study, we get to know the basic concept about Paramara dynasty. On the basis of ancient relics and inscriptions as well as historical evidence, the Parmara dynasty is confirmed to be an Agni dynasty. all things studied, the ancient story of the Yajna emerging from the pit of fire performed by the penance of sage Vashishtha is found mainly in inscriptions and other narratives.

Dr. Dasarath Sharma says, “No one should consider any other dynasty as Agni dynasty, but the Parmaras should be considered as Agni dynasty.” On the basis of fossils recovered from Vasantgarh, Udaipur, Nagpur, Harthal, Delwara, Patnarayan, Achleswar, etc., the above is true. Through this research paper, I am trying to present the historical facts of the origin and lineage of the Paramaras.

Key Words:

Parmar Dynasty, Parmar dynasty Great kings, Great King Bhoj, Fall of Parmar Dynasty.

Mr. Pratapsinh Ranaji Venziya

Ph.D. Research Scholar in History, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan
Email : prince24193@gmail.com,



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