Gurukul education system of ancient India and Indian education Policy Historical practice of 1947-2019 A.D.


The Indian education system is the biggest challenge for today’s time. The development and prosperity of the country increase only through the education system. After the independence of India, the governments of those times have also formed and reformed a new strategy in the education policy in parallel. Recently “Education Policy 2020” has been implemented. The education system that has just been started, we are trying to know anyway, through this revision article I want to tell about the ancient education system. It is only by education that human life gets knowledge in its life. In ancient times, had to go to Gurukul and Ashrams to get an education. We would all be very curious to know what we were taught in education at that time? Which areas were included in education? In those times, how was education imparted, and what effect did it have on human life? All these questions have been tried to reach you through this amendment.

Key Words: Ancient Education, Gurukul, Indian Education

Dr. Lalitbhai S. Patel

Shri & Smt. P. K. Kotawala Arts College, Patan
Email: drllalitspatel@Gmail.Com

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