Kanavera and Sulasa Jataka As A Source to Understand the Social History of Early India


My research topic was related on the Kanavera and Sulasa jataka and I have analysed the social history as a broad category that includes the different sections like political, administrative, economic and social aspects which gives us better understanding to study about the Ancient India. Buddha is portrayed as the protagonist of each of these stories, they narrated the incidents of his past life, when he was bodhisatta. Kanavera and Sulasa jataka as a source which gives us information about the social stratification of the society and highlights the issues of gender and sexuality. The gender roles and identities were very well portrayed in the Buddhist literature and also defined the social life of women. We came to know about the different social structure depicted in these narratives which reflected the various norms and conditions prevailing in the society. The political system that existed was based on the absolute monarchy which had to be transformed in which it would be an important instrument of social and political change as mentioned in Buddhist literature. We came to know about the Ancient India which spread their culture ethics by narrating the jataka tales told by Buddhist to inspire the local population. I would like to conclude by saying that jataka throws significant light on the political and economic condition of people as part of society and not directly related to the Buddhist beliefs but considers its moral, ethics and principles. These texts were structured in such a manner that gives the evidence of literary as well as the Buddhist tradition.

Key Words:

Kanavera, Sulasa, jataka, Buddhist, Ancient India.


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