Ansh – Journal of History is an online journal ISSN registered. This journal presents articles of history subject online. I hope that our journal will be important for your research work and history. Friends, in this era of science nowadays, we should make full use of technology because no matter how time turns. In today’s global perspective, we know that the world is going through a difficult epidemic at this time. Our entire global scenario has changed. There has been a change in all areas of society, whether it is social or political or economic. But we can’t stay in it, because that is true name of life.

Our teaching method and research work has also changed a lot. Due to which the importance of online learning has increased a lot. Instead of going to any place to inspect, we should get all the information related to there in various ways through various communication mediums. We should get all the information that can become important in our research. That information can be obtained from any source.

The aim of our journal is also that we should not let our research trends weaken in this difficult time and continue to expand our research work through various communication mediums. Our best research skills will provide new spirits and new information to the general public. Your new research paper is invited in this journal. The new research you have provided may also be beneficial for our educational system and motivate students.

To publish your research papers in our journal, you will send the mail to us through proper channel and our Board of Editors will examine it and then your research paper will be published in our journal.

You should keep your research trend awake. And continued to show the country and the world a new path. With these wishes, your research papers are welcomed.

Mr. Shesh Karan Charan

Assistant Professor of History