We, in the Ansh Journal of History, initiate a call for a research paper in the History subject only twice a year. From original research papers, case studies, and academic or scholarly articles to extended versions of previously published papers at conferences, scholarly journals or academic peer-reviewed international journals, we welcome high-quality work that Focuses on research, development, and application.


Publication Date & Month

Paper Submissions Duration

Issue 1

25th Jun

01st January To 10th June

Issue 2

25th December 

01st July To 10th December

Following Subjects Will Be Published Free of Charge

  1. Gupta Empire and Administration

  2. Ancient civilizations and culture

  3. The gap between current and ancient traditions

  4. History of World Heritage Sites

  5. Great personalities of India and their deeds

  6. Ancient temples, forts, architecture, archaeological sites, etc.

Note : If the papers of all the above subjects are in Hindi or English then it will be free of charge. If it is in another language then the processing fee has to be paid as per the rules.